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Arizona Coyotes vs. San Jose Sharks

Arizona Coyotes vs. San Jose Sharks

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Minnesota Wild vs. San Jose Sharks

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TicketIQ's pricing data has been featured in major publications such as The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Mashable, and many others. TicketIQ does not charge any service fees, so the prices you see above are the final prices paid by our customers. On average, customers save 10%-15% per order when comparing prices to other secondary exchanges, which makes TicketIQ the cheapest source for tickets on the secondary market!

How To Find The Cheapest 2020-21 NHL Tickets

2020-21 NHL Season Update

The NHL and NHL Players' Association have announced several important updates for the 2020-21 season.

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Where to Find The Cheapest Ducks Vs. Sharks Tickets for 2019-20 Season

California and Pacific Division rivals the Anaheim Ducks and San Jose Sharks will play four times this season, twice each at the Honda Center and SAP Center. 

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Where to Find Cheapest Golden Knights Vs. Sharks Tickets for 2019-20 Season

Rivals San Jose Sharks and Vegas Golden Knights play each other 4 times during the 2019-20 NHL season, with two games at T-Mobile Arena and two games at SAP Center

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How To Find The Cheapest San Jose Sharks Tickets + Face Value Options

San Jose Sharks 2021 Ticket Information

As of now, tickets are not available for Sharks home games in 2021. Give us your email below for future updates on their attendance policy, ticket availability, and pricing:

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Here's How To Cheapest 2019 Sharks Playoff Tickets at SAP Center

For the Western Conference Semi-Final at SAP Center, prices are very affordable compared to Western Conference Finals over the last decade. As the infographic shows, it's the 5th least expensive price for a team's home series.  For fans figuring out to get the best deals possible, it's important to know what tickets are available directly from the Sharks as well as on the secondary market, so it's important to shop around.
For game one Saturday night, there are more of lower level seats available on Ticketmaster.  For the cheapest tickets,  TicketIQ is about 8% cheaper, with a 7th-row seat in the 200s going for $125 compared to $140 on Ticketmaster (both after fees). The same holds for 200 center in the upper level. For tickets in the lower half of the 200s level, the secondary market is the only option, with tickets from the team sold out. Anything in the first 10 rows is in going for over $200, with lower five rows going for over $300.  Lower level corner seats are significantly cheaper on the secondary market than front he team, with a 22nd row  pair in section 106 going for $287 on TicketIQ vs. $400 for a 15th row pair in the same section. CLICK HERE TO USE Code Blog25 to save $25 off ALL Sharks PLAYOFF Tickets on TicketIQ.COM    FIND LOWEST PRICES FOR ANY OF THE INDIVIDUAL GAMES BELOW
Game Date Tickets
Game 1 @ SJ May 11 From $127
Game 2 @ SJ May 13 From $131
Game 3 @ STL May 15 From $113
Game 4 @ STL May 17 From $129
Game 5 @ SJ May 19 From $206
Game 6 @ STL May 21 From $169
Game 7 @ SJ May 23 From $268


While prices at the SAP Center are historically cheap when it comes to all Western Conference Final ticket prices, they're also about 5% cheaper than the last time the Sharks and Blues faced off in a WCF series, in 2016 when the Sharks defeated the Blues in six games to advance to their only Stanley Cup Final. Currently ticket prices for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals at SAP are going for over $700, which makes the prices for the Western Finals seem like an ever better value.  TicketIQ is a ticket marketplace with a Low Price Guarantee on all NHL Tickets. With  TicketIQ's Low Price Guarantee , if you find the same ticket for less (after fees) on any other major secondary site like StubHub o r Seatgeek, TicketIQ will give you 200% of the difference toward the purchase.  

The below information is for previous rounds and series.

This series has the highest average asking price in the Western Conference, and the second highest in the NHL behind the Bruins-Maple Leafs series. Demand for games at Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena has pushed average asking prices to $557, second only to Toronto’s $626. Vegas was the story of the NHL last season when it became the first expansion team in North American sports history to qualify for its sport’s final. Though Vegas’ history only spans two seasons, this series marks the second time the Sharks and Golden Knights have met in the postseason. San Jose has missed the playoffs only six times since joining the league as an expansion team in 1991-92, and advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2015-16, but lost to Pittsburgh.

San Jose Sharks vs. Vegas Golden Knights

  • Series average asking price: $345
  • San Jose average asking price/get-in price: $186/$55
  • Vegas average asking price/get-in price: $557/$195
Game-By-Game Prices Avg Get-In
Game 1 @ SJ $158 $55
Game 2 @ SJ $200 $80
Game 3 @ VGK $504 $195
Game 4 @ VGK $494 $245
Game 5 @ SJ $165 $65
Game 6 @ VGK $673 $285
Game 7 @ SJ $220 $87



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Conference Finals: How To Get Best Deals on 2019 NHL Playoff Tickets

Of the four teams remaining in the NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs, only two were there last year, and one is making its first appearance in a decade. Demand for tickets on the secondary market is down, according to secondary ticket marketplace, making this season a great opportunity for fans to see playoff hockey.

The Boston Bruins are making their third consecutive appearance after losing in the second round last season, and will play the Carolina Hurricanes, who hadn’t made the playoffs since 2009-10 prior to this go-round. The Eastern Conference Final series starts May 9 at Boston’s TD Garden.

In the Western Conference, the San Jose Sharks are making their fourth straight playoff appearance – and that includes a trip to the Stanley Cup Final in 2015-16. This time around, the Sharks will play the St. Louis Blues, who missed the postseason last year. The Western Conference Final series starts Saturday at San Jose.

According to TicketIQ, the average asking prices for these series are among the lowest of the decade. The $323 series average asking price for the Western Conference Final is the second lowest since 2011, and the $366 Eastern Conference average is the seventh lowest.

For fans looking ahead Stanley Cup tickets are available for all four teams. Right now the Hurricanes, despite being down 0-2 to the Bruins, have the most expensive 'get-in' price for a home game in the speculative Finals market.

Below is a look at both matchups.


Boston Bruins vs. Carolina Hurricanes

  • Series average asking price: $366
  • Boston average asking price/get-in price: $379/$145
  • Carolina average asking price/get-in price: $349/$180

This series has the highest average asking price for an Eastern Conference Final in four years, but it’s only the fifth priciest since 2011, when secondary ticket marketplace began tracking data. In terms of historical perspective, the $180 get-in price at Carolina isn’t only the priciest of the two conference finals, it is the 11th most expensive on the secondary market since 2011. The $145 Boston get-in price is the 16th priciest.

The Bruins advanced by beating Columbus in six games and the Hurricanes swept the Islanders. This meeting will be the fifth in the playoffs between the two franchises. The first two were when the Hurricanes were the Hartford Whalers. Since their 1997 relocation to Carolina, the teams have split their playoff meetings, with the Bruins winning in the conference quarterfinals in 1997-98, and Carolina winning in the conference semifinals in 2008-09. Carolina made the playoffs this season for the first time since 2009-10, while Boston has been to the Stanley Cup Finals twice since 2010-11, when it beat Vancouver.

Game Date Tickets
Game 1 @ BOS May 9 From $145
Game 2 @ BOS May 12 From $174
Game 3 @ CAR May 14 From $175
Game 4 @ CAR May 16 From $167
Game 5 @ BOS May 18 From $308
Game 6 @ CAR May 20 From $195
Game 7 @ BOS May 22 From $378



San Jose Sharks vs. St. Louis Blues

  • Series average asking price: $323
  • San Jose average asking price/get-in price: $366/$127
  • St. Louis average asking price/get-in price: $267/$113

This series represents a great deal for fans – it’s the second cheapest in terms of average asking price on the secondary market since 2011, when TicketIQ began tracking data. Only the 2012 series between Vancouver and San Jose, which had an average asking price of $222, was cheaper. The priciest Western Conference Final cost fans $652 in 2017, when the Nashville Predators made an unlikely run to the Finals, and beat Anaheim in the conference finals.

The secondary market average asking price in San Jose is significantly higher than in St. Louis, which is the cheapest place to see a conference final this season. Historically speaking, the $267 average asking price in St. Louis is the third cheapest of the decade, and the get-in price is the bottom 10. 

San Jose needed seven games to beat Colorado in the conference semifinals and advance. The Sharks are making their fourth consecutive postseason appearance, and were Stanley Cup runners-up in 2015-16 – they beat the Blues in the conference finals to advance that season. This meeting marks the sixth time the teams have played in the postseason, and San Jose holds a 3-2 postseason advantage. The Blues eliminated Dallas in seven games to advance and are making their first playoff appearance after failing to qualify last season. Prior to that, St. Louis had advanced to the postseason six straight years.

Game Date Tickets
Game 1 @ SJ May 11 From $127
Game 2 @ SJ May 13 From $131
Game 3 @ STL May 15 From $113
Game 4 @ STL May 17 From $129
Game 5 @ SJ May 19 From $206
Game 6 @ STL May 21 From $169
Game 7 @ SJ May 23 From $268

With the NHL Playoffs quarterfinals in the books, it's now onto the semifinals.  Below is the change in price for each of the advancing teams. TicketIQ offers Low Price Guarantees on all NHL Playoff tickets. With TicketIQ's Low Price Guarantee, if you find the same ticket for less (after fees) on any other major secondary site like StubHub or Seatgeek, TicketIQ will give you 200% of the difference toward the purchase.

With major first round upsets knocking out the Lightning, Flames, Maples Leafs, and Jets-- along with both Stanley Cup finalists Vegas Golden Knights and Washington Capitals--it's anyone's Cup to grab. Of the eight teams left, three have never won a championship (Sharks, Blues, Blue Jackets). For the Islanders, it's been 36 years. The Stars last hoisted the Cup in 1999 when Derian Hatcher wore the C, while the Avalanche last won in 2001 with Patrick Roy tended goal. Only the Hurricanes and Bruins have won a Stanley Cup championship in the last fifteen years, which should make an exciting May and June for all the teams left.

Below is the list of each team. ranked from most expensive to least expensive at the beginning of each series.

Team Average Price Cheapest Price  Tickets
Stars $390 $100
Islanders $365 $103
Bruins $322 $95
Avalanche $318 $121
Hurricanes $302 $182
Blue Jackets $295 $151
Blues $264 $47
Sharks $233 $100

Conference Quarterfinals:

The long road to the Stanley Cup – the playoffs don’t end until June – is underway, and this version of the postseason will include a lot of firsts. Why? Of the eight series, five feature teams that have never met in the playoffs, including three in the Western Conference. Remarkably, only San Jose and two-year-old Vegas have played each other in the postseason before. The other three series are first-time playoff matchups.

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NHL Tickets Midseason Report: Maple Leafs, Rangers & Bruins Are Most Expensive, Blue Jackets & Islanders Prices On The Rise

Among the NHL teams with the top five average asking prices on the secondary market, two experienced significant price drops between the start of the season and the midway point, and one has experienced a nearly 20% jump in average asking price. All of the moves are tied to the teams’ success – or failure – on the ice.

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